Used Cisco Equipment (Cisco Refresh)

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Used Cisco Equipment or Cisco Refresh (formerly Cisco Certified Refurbished) products have finally come of age, with Cisco creating a totally global supply channel and resourcing this accordingly.

Used Cisco Equipment

All Cisco Partners can now access pricing and availability in real time, via the Cisco portal. This is also available as a downloadable spreadsheet, which is updated daily. For our clients, this means that we can give an instant response to any requirement in terms of providing an immediate price and lead time.

The impact on the environment is certainly a key issue that Cisco push with the Refresh channel ‘From a manufacturing perspective, our products have a low carbon footprint and are fully sustainable’. This is a great hook but let’s be honest, clients want the best products at the best price, delivered in the shortest possible lead time.

This is where Cisco Refresh does come into its own (when there is availability). Fully inspected and guaranteed by Cisco. Fully licensed and Certified to meet all regulatory and safety compliance requirements. Shipped within 24 to 48 hours of ordering ‘if the refurbished Cisco product is in stock’ and up to 80% off the list price of new.

You can buy in-house refurbished Cisco equipment at much cheaper prices (via the various networks equipment dealers around the world) but for customers who do require the support and backup of Cisco directly, Cisco Refresh is the solution. The key problem is if the items that you require are not in stock. When equipment is not available, Equip Networks and are clients have to go back to the same old drawing board!

When Cisco Refresh equipment is in stock, clients can benefit from the following:

  • 100% inspected and tested before leaving the Cisco remanufacturing facility
  • Fully licensed for immediate use and shipped with a valid Cisco IOS software license
  • Attractively priced without hidden costs
  • Backed by the same Cisco warranty as new equipment and can be covered by SMARTnet
  • Certified to meet all regulatory and safety compliance requirements such as FCC and UL (as only the original manufacturer can)
  • Shipped within 24 to 48 hours of ordering if your refurbished Cisco product is in stock

Where Cisco Refresh is either unavailable or the lead time is too long, Equip Networks can access an extensive stock of current generation used Cisco equipment, as well as older models to address your daily needs.

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