Cisco ASR1001 System, 4 Built-In GE, T3 IDC, Dual P/S (Refurbished)

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The Cisco ASR 1001 Router offers a default system bandwidth of 2.5 Gbps upgradable to 5 Gbps with a software-activated upgrade license. It houses one shared port adapter (SPA) slot that supports single-height SPAs. It includes four built-in Gb Ethernet ports. The first IOS XE software release supporting ASR 1001 is Cisco IOS XE 3.2.0S. The Cisco ASR 1001 Router also introduces the concept of integrated daughter cards (IDCs). Six models of the Cisco ASR 1001 Router are currently available: ASR1001: without an IDC – ASR1001-2XOC3POS: with an IDC that provides two OC3 POS ports – ASR1001-4XT3: with an IDC that provides four T3 ports – ASR1001-4X1GE : with four 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports – ASR1001-HDD (160 GB): with a 160-GB hard disk drive – ASR1001-8XCHT1E1 : with eight channelized T1/E1 ports


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