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Cisco 2-Port Channelized T3 (DS-0) Shared Port Adapter (Refurbished)

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The Cisco Channelized T3 SPA is available in 2- and 4-port options. The ports can be independently configured as clear channel T3, channelized T3 -> T1, N x T1, full-rate T1, channelized T1, fractional T1, or DS-0 connections. When configured as clear channel T3 ports, connections to DS-3 and subrate DS-3 services can be provisioned. When configured as channelized T3 ports, up to 112 T1 links or up to 1023 N x DS-0 channels can be supported, making the Cisco Channelized T3 SPA a highly flexible interface for WAN provisioning. With integrated data-service-unit (DSU) functions on a per-port basis, the Cisco Channelized T3 SPA is compatible with the large number of standards-compliant DSUs on the market.


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